Recessed Can Lighting

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Recessed Can Lighting

  • Good looks and excellent light- great for accents or your main lighting.
  • Modern recessed lighting can be added virtually anywhere in your home.
  • Existing light fixtures can be converted to recessed lights.
  • LED can trims are weather resistant and can be installed over showers or in patios.

Things to Consider

  • Will your new lighting be switched from a new switch or tied to existing lighting?
  • Is this your main light or an accent? 4” cans are great as accents and 6” cans are the standard for general lighting

Basic Installation Prices

  • $337 Recessed light with limited access. Includes a new switch and wire.
  • $132 Additional recessed light or replacement for an existing light fixture.
  • $32 Standard LED can trim installed in an existing incandescent housing.
  • $90 Standard LED can trim installed in an existing fluorescent housing.