LED Lighting Upgrades

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LED Lighting Upgrades

  • Save money AND have more light with LED lighting.
  • LED lights typically last 10 years or more.
  • LEDs use 25-50% of the energy than the lighting they replace.

Things to Consider

  • Color Temperature: LEDs are available in 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4000k and 500k. For interior LEDs replacing incandescent we recommend 2700k or 3000k. For workspace lighting you may want to consider the more brilliant white of 4000k or 5000k.
  • Many LEDs are dimmable but require dimmers designed for them.

Basic Installation Prices

  • $98 Bypass ballast on a 2 lamp 4’ fluorescent fixture and install LED lamps.
  • $32 2700k LED recessed can trim installed in an incandescent housing.
  • $90 2700k LED recessed can trim installed in a fluorescent housing.