Adding / Extending Circuits

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Adding / Extending Circuits

  • Whether it’s a new convenience outlet or a new appliance circuit, this is our most popular upgrade category

Things to Consider

  • Do you need an extension or a new circuit? Large dedicated loads like a microwave need their own circuits while minor loads such as computers or TVs can usually be added to an existing circuit.
  • Adding electrical to exterior walls can be a challenge if it’s not a gable end of the roof or if there is no crawlspace access. We are creative problem solvers in these situations although occasionally cutting an access hole in the wall is the only solution.
  • The easiest (and most cost effective!) location to add electrical devices is in the same stud bay as an existing electrical device.

Typical Prices

  • Because of the many variables new / extended circuits will be quoted on site. However here are some basic prices for typical installs.
  • $148 new interior outlet added to existing electrical in the same stud bay.
  • $436 20 amp circuit extension with 25’ of wire. Access through an attic or crawlspace.
  • $469 new 30 amp dedicated circuit within 25’ of the panel. (typically for a dryer or similar)
  • $721 new 50 amp dedicated circuit within 25’ of the panel. (ovens, AC units, and welders are common 50 amp loads)