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The Fan.

QuietCool is a pioneering whole house fan with a noise reducing design complemented by insulated dampers and an efficient ECM motor.
QuietCool fans are manufactured in California and are backed by an industry leading 15-year warranty.

The Investment You Feel.

Feel 5-10 degrees cooler instantly with the quiet, refreshing breeze YOU control.
Replace cooking odors, pet dander, and stale air with fresh outdoor air in minutes.
Energy Savings
Save hundreds of dollars every year (sometimes every month) with reduced cooling costs.
Worry Free Guarantee
Your investment is covered by a 15 year bumper to bumper warranty and a 1 year money back return window.*
*15 year bumper to bumper warranty applies when fan is installed with standard hardwired controls.

Want more info about how a whole house fan works? Read this article.

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The perfect fan for you.

Homes Up To
1,800 square feet
2361 - 4280 CFM
74-408 Watts
Regular price installed: $2,299
Homes Between
1,800 to 2,400 square feet
2870 - 5044 CFM
88-490 Watts
Regular price installed: $2,399
Homes Between
2,400 to 3,500 Square feet
4308 - 6996 CFM
166-725 Watts
Regular price installed: $2,599

Enhance your whole house fan experience with an attic fan.

Attic fans run during the hottest part of the day while whole house fans run at the coolest time, so this combo keeps your home in an optimal cooling position 24/7.
Smart Gable Fan
With their low cost and energy use, Attic Gable Fans (if you have a gable vent) are the traditional attic fan choice.
Smart Rooftop Fan
If you have a standard shingle roof an Attic Roof Mount Fan is a quieter option that works whether you have a gable vent or not.

How You Win Even if You Don’t Win

Sign up to win a free QuietCool Stealth 4.8 whole house fan with installation, and get an exclusive offer valid on fans purchased by March 31.