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A cell phone number for a Livingstone electrician can be a very useful thing to have, very useful indeed, but the hope is always that you never need to use it for emergency purposes. For everything else, it can be as handy and valuable as a decorator’s cell phone number – if a little more ‘live’. If you need any kind electrical work doing around the home, or the workplace, then call a professional – never attempt this kind of work yourself if you are not properly trained. Rewiring work should only ever be undertaken by a professionally qualified electrician and not just anybody that can hold a screwdriver the right way around. Work carried out by non-qualified, unlicensed people is not only potentially dangerous but it is also potentially illegal. Make sure that you stay on the right side of the law and, more importantly, you stay safe by only hiring the services of fully qualified electricians. Jantz Electrical have electricians just like the ones that you need, so why take the risk when you are already here? Professionally trained and qualified, we have been helping businesses and private individuals for over 15 years now in Livingstone, and we take great pride in the level of commitment that we put into each and every project. From checking electrical systems to installing electrical equipment and completely rewiring buildings, we are fully qualified and experienced to do all of that and more. It is important that you choose a company that is reliable, professional and highly trained. That again is where Jantz Electrical surpasses the competition and stands out as a truly unique company in our dedication to a job well done! For a free quote, with absolutely no obligation to proceed with anything at all, just call our Livingston electricians on 866-445-2689.

California C10 license #1015082
California General Journeyman Electrician
IMSA Traffic Signal Technician 3
IMSA Fiber Optic Technician 2″