The Best Atwater Electrician Contractor

You just never know when you might need the services of a fully qualified, professional electrician. Having an Atwater electrician cell number stored in your phone could help solve all manner of issues and problems, and right when you need somebody. We all have a list of ‘those’ numbers, don’t we? The phone numbers that we hope we never need, but keep hold of them just in case; doctors, lawyers, the local hospital, emergency plumbers and electricians. All good numbers to have close by in an emergency. Jantz Electrical are always on hand in an emergency, rain or shine, and we are able to service both residential and commercial properties. Landlords in particular find our services especially helpful, taking care of their electrical installations and repairs, as well as general maintenance checks. Commercial tenant improvements are a specialty too, making sure that every need is met and taken care of properly and fully. Businesses, large and small, can often spend a small fortune on electrical equipment in order to carry out their work, installing such equipment incorrectly is not an option. Jantz Electrical can make sure that equipment is installed correctly and safely. Whatever your business, whether it is a small concern or a larger job, our highly skilled Atwater electricians are on hand to take care of you – from the very first contact to the end of the job. Local codes concerning, among others, electrical equipment and wiring can change and it usually happens when you are not expecting it. We can check on your existing installations and electrical wiring and make sure that everything is up to code and legal. Gaining access to professional help and service from an electrical company such as Jantz Electrical is as easy as picking up the telephone. All you have to do is call 866-445-2689 for a free, no obligation quote, today.


California C10 license #1015082
California General Journeyman Electrician
IMSA Traffic Signal Technician 3
IMSA Fiber Optic Technician 2″